At DCS Solutions, we specialize in bottling and bulk filling, as well as utilizing Bag In Box technology for filling beverages. Bag In Box combines a box, bag, and fitment for efficient liquid product transport and dispensing, eliminating contamination risks.

We excel in filling spirits in Bag In Box, providing a convenient solution for bars to serve high-quality cocktails. Our system is user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise in draught systems or cocktail preparation for installation.

Our bag-in-box filling system ensures hygienic product transfer, with our additive-free polyethylene film and polyester laminate offering a flavor-neutral contact layer and effective barrier protection for extended shelf life. Staff can easily fit the bag into the dispense system, enabling trouble-free serving without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Interested in your own Bag In Box? We are happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please contact us!