Let's meet DCS Solutions

DCS Solutions intertwines history with innovation to craft exceptional creams and spirits. DCS Solutions was formerly known as Team Products, but recently continued under a
new name. The name change marks the start of a new era. DCS Solutions in an abbreviation of Dutch Cream and Spirits Solutions. The name represents our Dutch roots and emphasizes our specialization in both alcoholic emulsions and spirits.

Little has changed for our customers: we will continue to serve as we always did. Through our new vision and strategy we can respond even better to market conditions and serve our existing and future customers even more efficiently. We continue to combine heritage with cutting-edge technology to ensure swift production without compromising quality. Our accurate quality checks and streamlined distribution systems enables us to offer a diverse range of creams, advocaat, spirits, flavors and innovations such as bag in box and Eco Spirits to customers worldwide.

DCS Solutions built a name for itself as a reliable international acclaimed producer and specialist of alcoholic emulsions and spirits. From our production facilities in Middelharnis, The Netherlands, we leverage our expertise to deliver top quality products to brands, distillers and producers all over the world. From concept to realization, we stand by our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every product produced by DCS Solution embodies our dedication to craftsmanship and flavor innovation. This is a concept that has grown successfully over the years.

Collaboration is at the heart of our ethos. We work closely with our customers to bring their visions to life, drawing upon our expertise in old Dutch skills and our innate ability to create tempting tastes and recipes that resonate with people from every corner of the globe.

  • Your one stop shop solution provider

    At DCS Solutions we offer full project management from first idea to finished product, ready for distribution. We provide high quality R&D, packaging development, production, bottling, quality control and warehousing services. Moreover, we provide customers with end-to-end support throughout the entire process, from A to Z.

  • Your market, our experience: it's a great mix

    DCS Solutions whips up a storm of flavors in creams, spirits, and advocaat, with an
    impressive number of more than 150 approved recipes already ‘on stock’ and the creativity to develop new concepts. We craft your ideas into reality, ensuring top-notch quality every step of the way. Think big or small, any size, any package: we deliver. Mix our experience with your market knowledge for a winning combo!

  • DCS Solutions is your certified partner

    Quality and food safety inspections

    Our products and processing methods regularly undergo audits and supervisions to safeguard that they comply with the certifications, standards, and regulations that guarantee you food safe, high quality, and sustainable solutions.

    Third-party certifications

    We use accredited third-party organizations to verify that our production facilities comply with specific standards for food safety and organic production.

    Food safety and Sustainability standards

    Food safety is a prerequisite for producing food products. Our production plant in Middelharnis is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized
    food safety standard BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety. We are audited by an accredited third party and for many years we have achieved a high score (AA). Critical Control Points (CCP’s) are identified, monitored and recorded, and the food safety management system is frequently audited by local audit teams. Finally, our products are checked by our local Quality Control team to verify that food safety and product specification requirements are met. In addition to food safety, we attach great importance to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our production plant in Middelharnis is certified in accordance with BIO/ECO and we are audited by Skal every year.

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